5 Ways To Save On Your Wedding Day

Weddings are among the most memorable events of one’s life. They are also often the most expensive. Anyone who’s tied the knot will know the fantastic premiums which the wedding industry has a knack of charging. The little things tend to add up and you may find it hard to add any personal touches to your wedding without blowing the budget. Here are some great ideas to make your wedding just as memorable for a fraction of the cost…

1. DIY Is Your Friend

Embrace the can-do spirit and make some of your own wedding décor. Why not create your own table centrepieces or favours? If you’re feeling really creative, you might even want to create your own wedding signs – if so, don’t rule out renting the necessary tools to keep costs low. Once you’ve spent a while trawling Pinterest, rent a drill and get to work; it’s the perfect way to get your creative juices flowing. The possibilities are endless and this’ll really give your wedding décor a personal touch as well as keeping your accounts healthy.

2. Dance For Less

No wedding is complete without the bride and groom’s first dance – followed, of course, by hordes of tipsy posers strutting their stuff. You likely won’t own a sound system fit to fill a dance floor and buying one for the wedding is a wholly unnecessary cost. Speaker rental, on the other hand, keeps costs controlled and ensures that your party’s packing all the right frequencies; a must if you want your wedding to be a night to remember!
Perhaps you’ve got some friends who want to perform, or you’ve gone out and found a band to play. First off – don’t expect them to come with their own gear. Secondly – don’t let them charge you extortionate amounts to hire speakers! Instead, rent speakers through Fat Lama and leave a little more to spend on liquid courage. London speaker hire can be pricey, so check out who’s listed their own near your venue.

3. Treat Your Guests

Offer your guests a sweet treat after their meal. Making your wedding more affordable doesn’t always mean you have to miss out on the extras. Themed tables are all the rage right now and checking out our party equipment hire is the best way to make your own stunning luxury snacks table. On our party hire page, you can hire equipment which allows you to realise even your most unfeasible wedding dream. Think chocolate fountains, candy floss machines and old school arcade machines for the kids. I mean adults.

4. Personal Touches

Want to share some memories with your guests? Why not rent a projector and share some of your favourite moments with your friends and family? Projector rental is a great way to keep your guests entertained throughout the night and can make your wedding speeches even more memorable with visuals with a great range of projector hire!

5. Capturing Memories

A great way to avoid overspending on photography is by capturing your own wedding moments. Why not hire a camera (or two) and get some avid photographers among your family and friends to capture some more personal shots during the day. This will save you from spending money on expensive equipment and ensure you get a bunch of great quality photos of the day to look back on for a far more sensible price.

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