Fat Lama: The Tube Map

This week, the Fat Lama data lab has been busy identifying some of the more peculiar items currently renting around the capital. You’ll find them plotted on the tube map above. Below, we discuss a handful of notable items being borrowed on the platform…

1. Old Street:

Occulus Rift

No surprises here. This user has clearly clocked that Old Street is home to a plethora of cash-strapped start-up owners thirsting for a taste of VR action. Unable to justify spending £500 of their seed funds to purchase a headset, they’re saving money by borrowing at a daily rate instead.
Despite a significant amount of interest, Fat Lama is at present unable to process rental transactions for this item in Bitcoin.

2. Peckham Rye:

Pasta Maker

The march of the gentrifiers appears to have picked up speed as we pull into Peckham Rye overground station. Once the sole territory of car dealers and market stalls, Del Boy’s yuppies are now out in full swing. Just yards from Bellenden Road, one Fat Lama user is renting out a pasta maker, and is thought to be doing good business with first-time buyers in the neighbourhood. One stop East (at Queens Road) another is lending out a set of Technics DJ decks – the lender is rumoured to provide a free vegan biscuit for every borrower.

3. Sloane Square:

Tweed Shooting Jacket

Fat Lama can confirm that this tweed shooting jacket – listed in the Sloane Square locale – is being lent out on behalf of a current cabinet minister. We believe that the listing is registered to the MP’s second home in an attempt to distance the lender from an item which they believe may damage their carefully crafted ‘working class hero’ public persona. A PR representative for the lender has declined official comment but implied that the rental revenue would accommodate a few extra days in the Alps come Easter time.

4. Liverpool Street:

Two 7ft Llamas

Not an obvious choice of item to rent out peer-to-peer, but this llama-lender has already done good business; their trophy couple, Larry and Lorna, were given centre stage at London’s biggest tech recruitment fair, Silicon Milkroundabout, in October. The things startups will do for promotion…

5. Baker Street:

Deer-Stalker Hat

In the void periods between Sherlock series, Cumberbatch fans have little to do but theorise on fan-forums and hang around Baker Street in the vain hope that they might see their man. One Fat Lama lender appears to be leveraging off their aimless enthusiasm, by offering out a classic deer stalker for rent in close proximity to Baker Street. The hat – identical to that worn by their beloved detective – is proving to be a hit with those in search of a Sherlock-selfie.

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