8 Ways To Grow Your Instagram Following

1. Use Hashtags To Your Advantage.

Everyone has a friend or follower on Instagram who’s page seems to be taken up more by hashtags than their actual photos posted. Undoubtedly, they’re trying to boost their number of followers and likes, but research has shown that it’s a case of quality over quantity. Rather than spamming a hundred generic tags, use hashtags which are actually relevant to your content. Not only does it receive a better response, but those that follow will be genuinely interested in your content and more likely to engage in the future!

2. Picture Perfect.

This tip seems obvious. Yet, most people trying to gain followers on Instagram are still using mobile phones as their camera. Your latest iPhone can snap great pics, but DSLR cameras are still leaps and bounds ahead. Better camera = better content. Camera hire is a great way to test a range of products before you decide on which suits you best. If the phrase ‘a picture tells a thousand words’ is true, the only words your camera phone pics are saying ‘please upgrade me’.

3. Get Editing

Especially if you’re using a high quality camera, don’t settle for the standard Instagram filters. Everyone recognises them and, sure, they can be useful for a quick fix, but if you want to stand apart from the crowd, it’s great to use a program like Snapseed or VSCO CAM. It’s really going to improve the quality of your content and people are going to notice.

4. #nofilter

Pretty simple tip, albeit slightly bizarre: use the tag #nofilter. Even if you’ve filtered and edited your photo to high heaven, using the hashtag reportedly increases the engagement on your photos by 10%!

5. Pick Your Moment

It’s likely that you have a specific demographic or type of audience who make up your community. Depending on who this group are, they will likely be checking their Instagram feeds at similar times each day. For example, if your community are older working adults it’s likely they won’t check their feed from 9-5, so posting after 6pm could give you  a massive boost! This is worth some trial and error: post at different times of day and see which get the best response.

6. Are You Using The Right Camera Equipment?

For pro photography, getting the lighting and focus just right is so important. For this, I’d definitely guide you to this great article by MakeUseOf for their great tips and explanations on when and why you would use a different type of lens. It might be worth considering lens hire. Want to try out a new lens or some new gear? Don’t forget: there’s an extensive range of lenses for hire on Fat Lama.

7. Find A Niche

Finding your own creative identity or artistic angle is an amazing way to set yourself apart from the rest! Thousands of people have taken photos of flowers and sunsets. Go out, explore and find something no one else has yet! There are so many hidden gems in London – there’s no excuse to not discover something!

8. Don’t Miss An Opportunity!

If you’re going abroad, use your holiday as a photo op! If you’re going skiing, hire a camera or even a GoPro to get those immersive first person shots. If you’ll be relaxing by the pool, there’s no reason not to rent a camera for the week to snap some beautiful beaches, a few stunning sunsets and a cheeky selfie or two. Ultimately, if you’re doing something worth seeing, check out our camera rental page and use the opportunity to your benefit!

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