Mintcut & CALM Tackle Mental Health Stigma With Stunning Drone-Shot Video

Stephen from Mintcut Media told us he was hiring a drone to film his friend’s preparation for the Fort William Marathon. Intrigued, we caught up with following his return, and asked him about the genesis of his productions company, what inspired him to collaborate with CALM, and how the trip went.

FL: How did Mintcut come about?

Mintcut was formed through friends who have talents in the fields of film-making, photography and social media management. We were achieving strong results in our respective fields but now we want to push on moving forward to creating bigger and braver projects.

FL: What was the project you were working on in Scotland?

The recent project we did in Scotland focused on our friend Ed Macintyre who is running the upcoming Fort William marathon to raise awareness about mental health issues for the charity CALM.

FL: What inspired you to collaborate with CALM?

CALM stands for the Campaign Against Living Miserably and we all wanted to raise awareness and alleviate stigmas around talking about your concerns and issues regarding your mindset. All of us have either known or known of someone who has committed suicide close to us including Ed who is running the marathon and is the focus of our film.

FL: How did you hear about Fat Lama?

One of our team was researching how to hire photography equipment and drone cameras and came across the Fat Lama site online. We chose to go with Fat Lama over the competition as your customer service is excellent and the system works extremely smoothly and efficiently.

FL: How did the rental experience go?

We communicated with ease via the Fat Lama site with the lender and arranged a convenient pick up point after making payment. The equipment was in superb working condition and immaculately kept. The lender even made sure the battery packs were fully charged so a very smooth experience in general.

FL: Before hearing about Fat Lama, were you hiring from other places?

Yes we have hired lighting equipment from a photography specialist who we have contacts with but are definitely using Fat Lama in the future to hire drone equipment. In fact we have a booking lined up in a couple of weeks time which proves it’s a solid and trustworthy service.

FL: How do you see ‘stuff-sharing’ changing the game for productions companies?

I think ‘stuff-sharing’ will assist greatly when needing key components for a successful shoot. We plan to significantly expand our ownership of equipment and keep investing and improving on what we already have. But this type of service offers the chance to use high-end equipment immediately without great financial cost. It is definitely a phenomenon that can benefit creative individuals who are either starting out on their journey or need a last minute piece to complete their production puzzle.

Mintcut Media are a recently formed production company, specializing in bespoke promotional material and short documentary films – but first and foremost the individuals who made this film are all friends.

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