Christmas Decorations On A Budget

It is that time of the year again folks.
Need decorations and can’t afford them? Not to worry, Fat Lama’s got you (and your listings!) covered. These are a few of our best tips, tricks and picks to get your home looking festive and leave you with enough cash for a glass or two of mulled wine.

#1 Pallet Christmas Tree

Coming in at number one from the folks at Country Living is this DIY Christmas tree… of sorts.
If you’re not the type of person to have a wooden pallet like this one lying around at home, eBay or Amazon won’t let you down. From there, all you need is some green paint, a few little pom poms, a dash of glitter and voilà – you’ve got yourself a nifty little Christmas centrepiece for almost no money.
Top Lama Tip: If you’re as bad at painting as I am, you may want to find or make a Christmas tree cutout first, and then paint around the edges for the perfect outline.

#2 Frosty The Snowman

At number two we’ve got Frosty the snowman in wreath form, the perfect character to greet your guests. Thanks to Sweet Little Bluebird for this tip!
What do you need? Three wreaths: one big, one medium and one small (the ones pictured are 20 inch, 24 inch and 30 inch). How to build it? Wire or string should be enough to fasten the wreaths together. Then simply grab a couple of sticks from the garden (again – attach with wire), a dash of glitter, a nice scarf and a fluffy hat to keep him or her toasty.
Top Lama Tip: A Christmas-themed scarf should bring you plenty of advent cheer – the more reindeer on it, the better. 

#3 Festive Pine Cones

The third and easiest one our list is some christmas themed pine cones. Materials wise: all you need is a pinecone and a collection of spray paints. We’d recommend gold, silver or red. If you don’t have any pine cones lying about outside, then you’re sure to find some in any local supermarket or craft shop.
Top Tip: We’d suggest doing it outside over some layers of newspapers to avoid the mess.

#4 Larry The Christmas Lama

Last but not least, we have Larry the Lama, who made his first step to fame at a tech fair last month where he and his mate sure caused quite a stir.
“Where on earth do I rent a llama?” Well, where can you rent (almost) anything? That’s right, Larry and Lorna are now available to rent on Fat Lama.
Top Lama Tip: Don’t forget the hat and scarf.

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