At Last, A Neighbourly Storage Idea That Won't Cost The Earth.

Guest blog by our friends at Storemates, a sharing platform which offers an innovative, low-cost solution to storage-starved households.

“69% of households have run out of household space.”

Royal Institute of British Architects

If you spend your day tripping over clutter and bemoaning the lack of storage space, it’s no surprise. Especially, if you’re a young family or flat sharing. A recent study by the Royal institute of Architects found that almost 70% of households do not have enough room for their belongings. Not only is housing prohibitively  expensive, but we also live in a consumerist culture where we acquire more and more stuff, but are terrible at letting go. Who wants to chuck away precious photographs, your old vinyl collection and the surfboard you picked up while backpacking all those years ago, right?
On the other hand, there are some of us who unbelievably bathe in extra space. Think of pensioners with spare rooms, parents whose kids have flown the nest and those curious minimalist bachelors with empty cupboards.
That’s where Storemates comes in. They help connect people starved of space with people blessed with space. Quite a no–brainer really!
Co-founder Shaff Prabatani came up with the idea when his girlfriend moved into his tiny flat. One became two and she soon announced that the two would be three! What followed were frantic attempts to…yes, create room! The spare bedroom had to be transformed into a nursery and boxes of non-essential things were given their marching orders. After being put off by eye-wateringly expensive self-storage costs, (over £100 a month for a small storage unit) Shaff approached his neighbours for help instead. A solution was reached. They rented storage space in a neighbour’s garage for a fraction of the price that the big storage companies charge. Shaff had a light bulb moment and the idea of Storemates was born.
Shaff and his partner with their new arrival (a few years back!) Shaff and his partner with their new arrival (a few years back!)
As well as a being a super cheap way to store locally, there are many others benefits to signing up to Storemates.  Storage hosts make a second income by renting out a part of their attic, cupboard, garage or spare room to a local looking for cheaper storage. It’s environmentally friendly too, as the use of existing space means fewer, ugly self-storage warehouses get built! Importantly, like Fat Llama it helps neighbours connect and collaborate by sharing their underused resources in this case space storage space.
The site has over two thousand secure storage spaces listed – from large basements to small cupboards. All hosts are verified with water-tight contracts and safeguards in place. The site also provides £10,000 of free cover against loss or damage, which covers both parties, to ensure peace of mind.
The last decade has seen a massive growth in both the demand for storage and peer-to-peer “Sharing Economy” platforms like Fat Lama, Storemates plans to rapidly expand and their ambition is to be the next ‘Airbnb of Storage’. They aim to completely disrupt the self-storage industry with its neighbourly solution, so hopefully one day space will no longer be the ‘Final Frontier’.
To search for storage or rent your space, check them out at Any questions, contact Co-founder Shaff on To search for storage or rent your space, check them out at Any questions, contact Co-founder Shaff on

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