How Will Fat Lama Change City Living?

After graduating in July, I moved straight down to London to start off the next phase of my life. With an idealistic mind, I imagined myself moving in with some friends, having a fun summer and eventually winding up with a full-time career and my own place to stay in Central London – ready to start saving for a deposit for my first house. As I quickly found out, things cost a lot – especially in London, one of the most expensive cities in the world.
When I first arrived at my flat, I began unpacking my suitcases and had a couple of slightly worrying realisations – there was no wardrobe, no ironing board, and no vacuum cleaner. Given I was only due to stay at the property for a couple of months, I didn’t really fancy buying that stuff from scratch. As meticulous as my budget was with Monzo tracking my every purchase, I hadn’t exactly anticipated buying this stuff. I very quickly gave up on unpacking, went to the kitchen, opened up my laptop and bought a late lunch off Deliveroo. A plate of Jerky’s can solve almost anything, but sadly it wasn’t going to bring me somewhere to hang my clothes for the next few months.
As you can tell, I love my apps, and although I had magic buttons to summon a car to take me anywhere or to bring me my favourite food, my living situation wasn’t getting much better. Say I were to buy a clothes rack, a vacuum cleaner, and an ironing board – the cost would have probably come to £150, not exactly smart living. It turns out that there will soon be a magic app that could have fixed my problem in an instant.
Enter: Fat Lama, the rental site for stuff. Instead of spending £150 on things I would have to go to the effort of selling on only a matter of weeks after I bought them – I could have rented them from of people who weren’t using theirs. After all, what student has a spare ironing board to hand? I would have spent only a fraction of that and had the items arrive within the hour.
We have some big plans for Fat Lama, although we want to start small and get things right before we scale up. With a public launch coming up next month, we’re all very excited to share our efforts with our fellow Londoners. We see ourselves changing the way that people think about ownership, and want to help people buy less, and experience more. For me, that means a few extra Cuba Libres with friends on the weekend, but for you that may mean a trip to the cinema, enjoying an extreme sport, or even feeding your own pet llama.

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