Doing Halloween On The Sharing Economy

Halloween stuff can be relatively expensive considering it invariably gets used just once a year. Worse still, many will dispose of a costume as soon as the festivities end, so as not to risk repeating the same look next year. There are only so many times you can dress up as the corpse bride before your friends call you out for being unoriginal. If you’ve ever been in this situation, you can be sure there are others that share your plight. That is why I want to suggest that you tap into the collective power of the sharing economy to rent your Halloween stuff both to and from people near you.
Firstly, as already mentioned, renting brings variety to your Halloween arsenal. Whether it’s decorating your house or putting together your fancy dress, doing the same thing year in year out is simply not as much fun. Getting this stuff from people near you who are equally excited to bring variety into their Halloween festivities provides a great opportunity to mix things up.
Secondly, by using peer sharing platforms to prepare for Halloween, you will end up spending less money than if you were to buy these things new. The benefit of this is quite self-explanatory. Thirdly, it follows that sharing platforms also give you the option to get larger quantities and/or higher quality stuff. This means you can really go all out in building the haunted mansion of your dreams or perfecting your Jedi outfit to a T.
Finally, beyond the actual Halloween festivities, your decorations and outfits can also take up a lot of storage space. Still, it feels wasteful to get rid of it just to buy it again next year. The peer-to-peer sharing platform has the answer to this as well: you get your stuff delivered to your door when you need it, and you send it back out once you’ve done with it. This actually solves the very real dilemma of what to do with your holiday decorations once you don’t need them.
There we have it. Get better variety and higher quality stuff, whilst saving money and storage space. All of these benefits are yours this October if you choose to do Halloween via the sharing economy. If you’ve dressed up as the same superhero every year since you can remember, then you know where to turn to mix things up.

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