The Fidget Cube Is The End Of Fidgeting As We Know It

If you are like most people, you either are the classroom/office fidgeter or you know someone who is. While this annoying habit often goes unnoticed by the perpetrators themselves, the people in their immediate vicinity are without a doubt aware that incessant pen clicking, table drumming and feet tapping are not victimless crimes. Short of a full-blown intervention, the guys behind the Fidget Cube have devised the perfect solution to fix this.
The Fidget Cube is a six-sided (duh, it’s a cube) desk toy designed to satisfy the chronic workplace offender’s every fidgety need. The beauty of the product is that it allows fidgeting to be done discreetly in any situation. Imagine not knowing what your cubicle buddy’s shoe soles sound like against a laminated floor. Or not having a vivid visual imprint of exactly how long it takes for them to spin a fountain pen around their right hand fingers. The only downside is that you have to use the now liberated attentional capacity to do actual work.

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