Jolt Will Make Your Perfect Morning Coffee That Much Closer To Reality

It is perhaps a reflection of our less creditable habits, that we at FL are excited by every great innovation that has to do with coffee. However, Jolt has come up with something that we feel compelled to share with our Lama community. The product in question is a portable battery powered coffee brewer that allows you to enjoy French press quality coffee and keep it sealed and fresh on the go with remarkable convenience. In short, it is a combination of all the great features of a French press and a good thermos, in one conveniently sized silo (it also brews tea, but I’ll just stick to the stuff that matters).
And convenience is indeed the real beauty of the design: you can make your brew how you like it, when you like it. After all, it is easy to make a delicious cup of coffee when you have the time and the resources. But we all know that we will never have the self-restraint to wake up early enough to enjoy our morning coffee at home, and the thermos solution is hardly satisfactory; either in terms of convenience or quality. That’s why the concept of Jolt is so beautiful – it meets you halfway with all your needs without compromising on either.

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