Shoka: Is There Anything This Bicycle Bell Won’t Do?

It might look like a cross between a vintage microphone and a Nokia 3310, but the Shoka Bell is a bicycle bell which will smarten up your ride with am impressive array of features. It packs an LED light which adjusts to ambient light and even your speed to optimise safety and energy efficiency – that of course frees up some space on your handlebars for other useful things. Shoka doubles up as a GPS navigation tool as well, directing you with an LED display and audio system; it doesn’t score quite as highly on this front as the BeeLine compass, but it’s certainly not short of additional features. The Shoka Bell links up to your phone to provide you with ride-tracking information and will alert you if your bike is moved by anyone other than yourself (provided you are within 250m radius).
The Shoka Bell’s final feature, and Fat Lama’s outright favourite, is the bell itself. Not only is it twice as loud as your average dinger, but it offers you a choice of 8 different sounds. Better still, you can record a custom tone yourself. Next time a van cuts you up on a busy junction, you’ll be able to unleash some pre-prepared sardonic scorn without even opening your mouth. With just a click of a joystick, your amplified anger will cut through the noise of traffic and draw deserved blushes from the perpetrator. Justice indeed. Shoka will start shipping in March 2017; head over to Kickstarter to book yours for just $99.
The Bottom Line: Remember when a phone’s sole feature was to make calls? And your bicycle bell looked like this? Well, now’s not the time for nostalgia: bikes are getting smarter and Shoka’s bid for the remaining space on your handlebars is not without merit.

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