The Resourceful Relish Rubbishing Food Waste

Rubies in the Rubble makes chutneys from surplus fruit and vegetables: a simple mission with vital potential for our planet. As things stand, over 1/3 of all produce never reaches our plates – that’s 1.3 billion tonnes of food worldwide per year. Consumers frequently overbuy and retailers chuck whatever falls short of their unreasonable cosmetic standards. Us lamas aren’t fans of waste, which is why we’ve waxed lyrical about the good folks at OLIO and Too Good To Go, and why we’re salivating over RITR’s tasty solution to food waste…
Founder Jenny Dawson was shocked into action after clocking the amount of fruit and vegetables getting binned at markets across London. She read up about the scale of food waste and came up with a unique way of harnessing unused produce. The result is a range of three relishes: Spicy Tomato, which Dawson recommends as a worthy side to your poached eggs; Pink Onion and Chilli, the ideal burger accompaniment; and the wonderfully named London Piccalilli – crunchy pickled cucumber in a mustard relish.
Each jar packs produce that was destined for landfill. In July alone, Dawson’s team rescued 169 curly cucumbers, 5450 tomatoes and 3645 pink onions. By harnessing unused produce, Dawson’s team really are saving the planet one jar at a time. Join the fight and place your first order over at the Rubies in the Rubble site.
The Bottom Line: Rubies in the Rubble’s resourceful production makes fighting food waste pretty damn tasty. Order a jar or three today – it’s all for a good sauce…

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