Glovdi: The Latest In Handy Wearables

When William Blake spoke of “holding infinity in the palm of your hand,” he probably wasn’t predicting the future of wearable technologies. But just two-hundred years later, his conjecture has become a perfectly reasonable suggestion, thanks to the latest milestone in the Internet of Things.  London-based Glovdi Technological Innovations are on a mission to ensure that sport doesn’t get in the way of connectivity. Their brainchild, Glovdi, is a wearable phone-glove that doubles up as a smartwatch, offering mobile connectivity, GPS, fitness tracking and a camera.

It might not be the first wearable glove, but whereas previous designs on the market have worked in conjunction with your phone, Glovdi bravely attempts to replace it altogether. It’s designers have identified a demand for a hands-free device that doesn’t compromise on screen-size. Keen athletes themselves, they were fed up with technology’s failure to keep up with an active lifestyle, and they’re hoping that their solution makes existing phone armbands obsolete.

Just a gimmick? Perhaps, but that doesn’t stop it being pretty cool. Glovdi recognises your hand gestures as input, which should be more than enough to excite your sci-fi sensibilities. It all began as the subject of a Masters thesis, and the company say it’s a project that will evolve over a course of months and years. So there should be plenty of time for you to get saving your pennies before it hits shop shelves.

The Bottom Line: FL can’t promise that this will do anything to actually increase athleticism or sporting prowess. But its seamless interface might help you track your improvements and take some snaps along the way. And it’s certainly a lot more ‘wearable’ than these shockers.