Dating Apps For The Poke-Obsessed. And Remember, You ‘Gotta Catch ‘Em All’…

If, like us at FL, you’re one of the millions of Pokemon Go enthusiasts, you’ll understand that daily life now carries an unrelenting and implacable question: where and when will I find my next Pokemon?
This obsessive need to stay firmly ensconced in the world of Pokemon will undoubtedly have already sabotaged a number of blossoming romances, and will certainly have disrupted a few first dates. FL are therefore pleased to announce that now, you can continue your Pokemon addiction, whilst simultaneously having your feet planted squarely within the world of dating.
Several dating apps have recently been developed that take Tinder to the next level.
PokeMatch, like the bevy of dating apps already available to us, asks a number of questions as a preface to your search: are you looking for men, women or both? What are your age and distance parameters? But it differs in that it asks, are you looking to match with someone in Team Mystic, Instinct or Valour?
Next, you swipe through a load of different people, until you ‘catch’ someone. Once you’ve both caught each other, you’re able to chat, and arrange to find a public PokeStop to meet up at to hunt, train and battle Pokemon together. From there, it’s up to you… And who said romance was dead?!
If you’re sick of the senseless swiping, you might want to check out PokeDates. With this app, you answer a number of questions about what you’re seeking in a partner, and a specialist will set you up with someone who matches your criteria. They’ll send you the time and place of your PokeDate, and then it’s over to you.
So next time you’re out Pokemon hunting, are you gonna ‘catch ‘em all’? Will you find the Nidoking to your Nidoqueen? FL are willing to give it a shot.