Still Grieving Nokia’s Legendary Snake Game? Cry No More. We've Found You The Next best Thing…

Still grieving the loss of Nokia’s legendary snake game? Cry no more. We’ve found you the most addictive and, dare I say, better version. Best part- very easy to play at work without detection from your boss. Procrastinators read on….

Yes we’re all for progress in technology, we love how much easier and smoother it makes our lives and it’s great. Generally speaking. On a rare occasion however, perfection is achieved early on, and you just can’t improve on perfection. This is how FL feels about the snake game. It was actually originally created in 1976 although you probably know the version you played on your first Nokia phone. It’s just such a glorious combination of mindless simplicity, animal instinct and obsessive addiction. Boredom does not need to feature in your life if snake is on your phone. Ah those were the days.
Damn you Nokia for not being as good as the iphone and getting driven out of town. You will be missed.
HOWEVER, FL has found light on the horizon. While nothing can ever be as good as snake… is not at all bad. The concept is the same, the device is upgraded. They have a desktop version and a mobile version, both equally as good. No learning is required, the second you open it up the dormant instinct you spent years building up on your Nokia will kick in…. you KNOW what to do. FL enjoys the desktop version for cheeky moments when emails are just too depressing, and the boss isn’t around. Nothing like a small mindless challenge to give you the sense you’re achieving with your day. Eat the food, don’t bump into stuff. You don’t need project management tool to remember those tasks! You can do it. Supersnake also features other players – there are other snakes slithering around who appear to be real people also playing at the same time. Some are just trying to eat as much as possible, while others will actively try and crush you. FL is sad to see a continuing analogy to the modern workplace. Eat first or be eaten.

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