The Average Person Spends A Year Of Their Life Looking For Lost Stuff. Enter: Pebble Bee

For ***** sake its 2000 and ******* 16 WHYYY is there no app to find my ******* keys yet?!!!?!’. We’ve all been that guy. Don’t worry, your prayers have finally been answered…

There’s an app for everything right? FL has come across apps that will turn your phone into a harmonica, turn it into weighing scales, and even one that tells you celebrity’s heights. And yet no one has dealt with the very real struggle we all face on a daily basis – losing stuff. According to US News and World Report the average person spends an entire year of their life just looking for stuff. A WHOLE YEAR! Imagine if you could collect that all together and live out that year, then never lose anything again? FL wonders if you’d go mad with frustration. FL has been known to scream and break stuff when he can’t find his keys when he’s REALLY in a rush. FL isn’t proud of this, but must admit it has happened.
FL is very excited therefore for the Pebble Bee Finder to be launched. This works much the same as other alarms for your keys. Small and easy to pop on your keychain, it really is no trouble. If you’ve lost your keys, you can jump onto the app and press the button to set off an alarm. It’s pretty loud and claims you can hear it up to 200ft away. The battery lasts for a year, and it’s quite nice looking.
It occurred to FL when learning about this that it wouldn’t attach to your phone very well, and FL loses it’s phone probably more than anything else. But Pebble Bee were ready for that one – if you lose your phone, you just need to locate your keys (or wherever you’ve place the device) and press the button on it. This will then set off an alarm on the app on your phone. Pretty clever eh?
What do you do if you lose your phone and your keys at the same time? Well you can probably download the app on another device and log in. But realistically, no one should be THAT absent minded, you need to get your act together.

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